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From our 6 Group office in the UK our Reading executive search team have expertise across all 8 major business sectors. The talent market in the UK and further afield is extremely challenging for employers. Competition for talent is relentless. 6 Group have the market knowledge, experience and expertise to identify candidates with the specific skill sets and behaviours to add real value to your business.

Delivering results through Partnership Working

Our partnership approach enables us to fully understand and define your immediate and upcoming executive search requirements. It is through our partnership approach that we have a highly successful track record of recruiting high performing individuals who truly add value to our Clients’ businesses.

Executive Search in the UK. A Data Driven Scientific Approach

Our UK based team implement a scientific based approach to executive selection backed up by proven processes to define, identify, select and recruit top talent. We initiate the executive selection process by implementing our in-house Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ) which has been in use since 2006.

Working through the JAQ with you closely defines and establishes the functional, technical and behavioural competences required to excel in the job roll. The JAQ is the foundation for our executive search work in terms of identifying and engaging with potential candidates. Together with our expertise in the selection and recruitment of suitable candidates our market knowledge and expertise in executive search our scientific approach consistently delivers exceptional results.

Our Executive Search Sectors

There are 8 main sectors where we excel in Executive Search for clients in the UK. We have consultants with extensive knowledge, experience and success in each of these industries:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Power and Utilities
  • Industrial
  • Infrastructure and Transportation
  • Financial Services
  • Pharma and Life Services
  • Retail and FMCG
  • Legal

Finding the right leaders

At 6 Group, we have developed our own unique and highly effective Executive Search method to bring the right leaders to you. This has been developed using a combination of science, creativity and experience. This tried and tested methodology is evidence-based and has a proven track record of success. In fact, 6 Group has one of the highest search success rates in the industry.

Our process

With our own method of finding the right candidate for you, we work with you step-by-step. We begin by determining the unique and specific requirements and strategic goals of both the business and the executive role. The search is then tailored specifically to fulfilling these requirements at each stage of the process. This results in us presenting you with exceptional candidates for the role.

Search is a science

6 Group’s executive search in Reading is based on a tried and trusted evidence-based methodology developed by us.

Every new partnership we enter into follows the same end-to-end process of defining the unique competencies relevant to both your company and the role. Candidate identification, engagement, assessment and selection are then built around precisely what you’re seeking in your ideal candidate.

This approach has led us to one of the highest search success rates in the industry (92% search completion vs. the industry average of 64%) and a client re-utilisation rate of 100% since 2006. Every company we’ve ever partnered with has gone on to work with us again.

Our 8-Step Search Methodology

One of our Senior Client Partners works with you to define the functional/technical and behavioural competencies required to excel in the role. This will form the basis of assessments throughout the search process. The identification of these competencies is achieved through our Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ). This is a bespoke tool owned by 6 Group which has been tried and tested since 2006 and is the foundation for our high success rates across all search assignments.

The Senior Client Partner and one of our Delivery Consultants meet with you to conduct an in-depth briefing session and to share preliminary research. Here, we discuss the role in detail and gather key insights such as:

  • Company description
  • Reason for the role
  • Job description
  • Completed Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ)
  • Employer brand and EVP information
  • Target and off-limit companies
  • Remuneration

All details gathered here are collated by us into an internal reference guide which is referred to throughout the search process.

6 Group’s Marketing Team is now engaged in the process to help formulate a Candidate Attraction Pack. Using the information obtained in the Briefing Session, we build an overarching narrative to present the client’s organisation and the role in the best possible way. One of our most effective methods of achieving this is through the creation of a fully client-branded candidate briefing document.

Our sourcing strategy makes use of several channels to ensure the widest possible scope for candidate identification and engagement. This is a key stage for our in-house Research & Intelligence Team. The channels they utilise include:

Competitor & Target Organisations: Companies relevant to both the client organisation and the role are a valuable port of call to identify some of the best-fit candidates. 

Social Media: With a vast online population, social networks are centric to our approach. Our Research & Intelligence Team is highly skilled in social media resourcing and every member holds the best available recruitment licence.

Networks & Referrals: We’ve been conducting global executive search assignments across several industries since 2006. Combine this with some of the industry’s most established search professionals and our collective network is genuinely significant.

Internal Database: Across every project we’ve conducted – global executive search, talent mapping, talent pipelining etc. – we’ve qualified and coordinated a plethora of strong candidate profiles which we consider for every search.

For each search assignment, we identify between 100 – 150 candidates per role.

Every one of these candidates are engaged by the Delivery Consultant to gauge their interest in the role, sentiment towards the client organisation, and suitability through experience and qualifications. If the candidate is considered appropriate, they are provided with the candidate briefing document and invited to a Competency-Based Interview (CBI).

The Senior Client Partner conducts a Competency-Based Interview (CBI) with each candidate who is considered a strong fit for the role by the Delivery Consultant.

Using the functional/technical and behavioural competencies defined at the start of the search process, the CBI offers a rigorous and evidence-based assessment to explore candidate suitability. All candidates are assessed across the exact same criteria allowing a fully inclusive and unbiased assessment.

6 Group also offers psychometric testing across all of our search assignments. Every Senior Client Partner at 6 Group is a qualified psychometric practitioner.

Throughout the project, you will receive an update
report every two weeks.

This will include:

  • A summary of activity to date
  • Gantt chart of progress
  • A list of target companies we have identified
  • Waterfall statistics of the number of individuals we have identified, approached, are in discussions with, how many are considering the brief and how many have confirmed total interest in progressing forward. In addition, we will provide insights into how many people are not interested and the reasons behind it
  • Intelligence we have gathered from speaking with individuals in the market
  • Any market trends or significant questions we need clarification on
  • Benchmark profiles of individuals we are speaking with to make sure we are engaging with relevant people

Extensive details from each Competency-Based Interview (CBI) are recorded and considered for the final shortlist.

Each candidate who the Senior Client Partner considers to have excelled across the functional/technical and behavioural competencies – and who also presents a good fit for the client organisation – is shortlisted.

A candidate report is created for each shortlisted candidate. This report includes information such as:

  • Relevant experience & qualifications
  • Current remuneration & notice period 
  • Performance against functional/technical competencies
  • Performance against behavioural competencies
  • Motivations & ambitions
  • Cultural fit

The Senior Client Partner and Delivery Consultant deliver a face-to-face shortlist presentation to the client organisation. All candidates are discussed in detail and the client decides who they would like to interview.

The final stage of the selection process comprises a face-to-face interview directly with the client organisation. 6 Group conducts the full coordination of all interviews on behalf of the client.

Following the interview stage, we hold a review meeting with the client organisation to discuss the interview outcomes. The Senior Client Partner directly contacts the successful candidate and conducts offer management. All unsuccessful candidates receive detailed feedback.

We also maintain close contact with the appointed candidate and offer them support throughout their first three months in the role.

Average time from sign-off to shortlist:


reutilisation by clients since 2006


of candidates still in place after 2 years

The areas within The UK that we currently operate are as follows: London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Bristol, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Edinburgh, Leicester, Coventry, Bradford, Cardiff, Belfast, Nottingham, Hull, Newcastle, Stoke-on-Trent, Southampton, Derby, Portsmouth, Brighton, Plymouth, Northampton, Reading, Luton and Wolverhampton.

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