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Leadership Assessment is essentially a highly successful recruitment tool in ensuring the right candidate is placed in a leadership or executive role.

The process consists of a combination of interview-based, competency-based and psychometric assessments. These are conducted towards the end of the short-listing stage for the recruitment of leadership roles with internal or external candidates.

At 6 Group we have highly reputable experts in Liverpool who can work with your business or organisation to successfully utilise the process of Leadership Assessment in securing the best candidate with the right attributes for your leadership roles.

Leadership Characteristics

Our Leadership Assessment begins with really learning about existing talent. It looks at the requirements, skills and attributes needed to take your organisation further. As well as existing skills and attributes of an individual, we take into consideration many other factors for a candidate or existing leader. These include examples such as, suitability for the role, skill set in terms of requirement of the organisation, potential, cultural or role fit, effectiveness and readiness. You can find an overview of our Assessment and Development page.

Effective Methodology

6 Group have created and developed our own successful methods of Leadership Assessment. This is based on our knowledge, research and above all, our experience in this field. There are numerous and varied methods of Leadership Assessment and we can assure you that as experts in this area. We will utilize the most successful and efficient methods for your organisation. More information on the best leadership assessment tools can be found here.

Expertise Equals Efficiency

Leadership Assessment with 6 Group leads to a whole host of benefits for your organization, which are more far-reaching beyond the assessment for a specific candidate or role. Utilizing our experience and expertise to assess candidates, results in the efficient and successful recruitment and development of the best leaders for your senior management team.

Improve Leadership Team Communication

Communication amongst leaders and between leaders and their teams is often the initial factor in a successful business. Using knowledge gained from 6 Group assessments of individuals and even yourself, can greatly improve communication. Whether it be one-to-one conversations, senior team interactions or leaders interacting with their own teams.


Accelerate your Leaders’ Development

The 6 Group Leadership Assessment process will ultimately give you a detailed insight into the specific capabilities, talent, skills and areas of potential of individuals. This will allow you to make informed decisions on not only the recruitment of roles, but also going forward, exactly how to further develop your leaders once they are in the job role. It will also mean that the correct leaders on your team will be accurately matched to projects. Additionally, matching roles that come up within the leadership or senior management team results in the successful development of individual leaders and ultimately, high levels of success for the organisation.


Foster a High Level of Commitment from your Leaders

The analysis of the Leadership Assessments that 6 Group can undertake on your behalf would provide you with invaluable insights into their individual interests and motivations – essentially what makes them tick. This insight can be used to form their professional development going forward. By encouraging their own interest in development as leaders, you will develop their own commitment to development, which would in turn have a positive impact on your organisation.

Enhance Trust Building Within Leadership Roles

The Leadership Assessment that 6 Group undertake in Liverpool is conducted in a way that contributes to the building of trust within management teams. This can be continued and developed as the results of the assessments acknowledge individual competencies, capabilities, interests and skills – senior leaders can trust in the abilities of their leaders and vice versa. This culminates in a secure and stable working environment.


Utilise the Data Analysis to Strengthen your Organisation

Building up Leadership Assessment data on your senior employees is invaluable in knowing how to successfully grow and develop the business in the right direction. The information gleaned from the assessments can be used to guide and prompt action in a specific direction to optimise the success and future proofing of the organisation.

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