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The creation of a Talent Pipeline for your organisation is an invaluable tool for ensuring you can successfully appoint the best talent when key positions become available. Along with Talent Mapping, Talent Pipelining is a proactive recruitment strategy rather than being reactive and waiting until you have positions that need to be filled quickly. Developing a Talent Pipeline establishes contact and fosters relationships with a pool of potential candidates for future job roles. Here at 6 Group we create a wealth of benefits for the future proofing and success of your business. There are different ways to approach the building of a Talent Pipeline. At 6 Group we have developed a highly successful method, which leads to hassle free, timely and successful recruiting for your business.

Proactive Pipelines

The most significant benefit to operating a Talent Pipeline for your business is that you are fully prepared ahead of time to find the best candidates by utilising proactive recruitment strategies rather then having to be reactive when a position needs to be filled. In the creating and maintaining of a Talent Pipeline, 6 Group ensure you are fully prepared to fill job roles when they arise whether they be expected or unexpected. We put you in a position to be able to employ the highest caliber of candidates without having to panic hire to fill much needed positions quickly. We proactively engage with potential candidates for you and foster positive relationships with them, ready for when a position arises.

Passive Talent

At 6 Group we find you the highest quality candidates using a Talent Pipeline as we engage with people on a potential job role basis. This enables us to attract successful talent who are not actively seeking a new job role at that exact time, thus widening the talent pool available. Here at 6 Group we are known for promoting positive relationships with potential candidates. This is especially true of the relationships we build with passive talent even though they are not actively job-hunting.


Increased Company Awareness

As we foster positive relationships with different talent in your sector, 6 Group are also able to increase and build awareness of your company. This is due to the fact that we have time on our side to attract the best talent, as we are not filling a specific role urgently. This means that we can attract candidates that would not have necessarily known or been drawn to your company. By raising the profile of your organisation and building positive working relationships, 6 Group promote your business to top candidates, making them less brand dependent.

Diversity Awareness

Whilst engaging with potential talent, 6 Group also take into consideration other factors and specific needs of your organisation. This includes being aware of your aims and requirements in terms of factors such as diversity. We focus our search on helping to meet these needs and requirements.

Know the talent within your industry

There are 8 main sectors where we excel in Talent Mapping. Our industry-specific specialists in the UK have their finger on the pulse when it comes to market insights and identifying and recruiting the very best talent for your organisation within the following sectors:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Power and Utilities
  • Industrial
  • Infrastructure and Transportation
  • Financial Services
  • Pharma and Life Services
  • Retail and FMCG
  • Legal

Industry-Specific Talent Pipelines

There are 9 main sectors where we excel in Talent Pipelining. Our industry-specific specialists adopt our proven and tested method of identifying and engaging the very best talent for your talent pipeline within the flowing areas:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Power & Utilities
  • Financial Services
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Infrastructure & Transportation
  • Pharmaceutical & Life Services
  • Retail & FMCG
  • Digital
  • Food, Agriculture & Nutrition

6 Group Talent Pipeline Report

When you opt to work with 6 Group to build your Talent Pipeline, we always endeavour to deliver a robust and high-grade talent pipeline. We give you the means to ensure you have a coordinated supply of candidates taking ability, skill set and location into consideration. We create a detailed Talent Pipeline Report for clients in Bristol, which typically includes the following:

  • A summary of total talent identified: Detailed waterfall statistics representing the process all potential candidates have been through and the reasoning for their inclusion on the pipeline.
  • Geography of pipelined talent: We illustrate where the target talent communities of the pipeline are located to offer a balance across desired geographical areas. This is particularly important if you are looking to support resourcing activities around your company’s key locations.
  • Pipeline gender split: Many organisations engage in talent pipelining for motivations around diversity & inclusion. Illustrating the gender balance across the pipeline is useful to gauge the availability of diverse talent in certain disciplines.
  • Competitive analysis: Building awareness of which organisations hold the market share of your target talent will aid you in interpreting why they are drawn to these companies – e.g. employee value proposition (EVP) and employer brand. 
  • Employer brand perception: Pipelines are powerful tools to gauge how your target talent markets actually think of you as an employer. We ask employer brand focused questions of all identified candidates which illustrate the client organisation’s reputation as an employer. These are first-hand accounts and present an unvarnished reality which, in turn, help them to make improvements. 
  • Pipelined talent availability: One of the core purposes of a talent pipeline is longevity in its ability to supply pre-engaged and pre-qualified candidates when required by the organisation. Achieving a balanced spread of candidate availability (typically over a 12-month period) will ensure that you future-proof your hiring activities.
  • Pipelined candidate details: Informative data of those who have been preliminarily assessed and deemed appropriate for the pipeline are captured. Individual profiles of each pipeline member are built and CVs are also collected for reference.

If you are interested in proactively building relationships with the very best talent in your sector, whilst also enjoying a range of benefits such as building company awareness and promoting positive gender and diversity awareness, contact 6 Group to discuss Talent Pipelining today.

Let’s start at the end

Ultimately, the end goal of a talent pipeline is to have a coordinated supply of quality candidates in the right locations, with the right skill sets and across the areas of the business where you need them most. A talent pipeline will grant you a strong awareness of your key talent markets and ensure that time to hire is kept to an absolute minimum.

To deliver a robust and high-grade talent pipeline, we typically spend about six weeks identifying, engaging and assessing potential candidates in accordance with our client’s desired candidate profiles.

The project culminates in a talent pipeline report – example below – which is delivered to the client.

Key steps in building a talent pipeline

Below are three key steps we take in building talent pipelines for our clients.

1. Create the profiles

You need to first understand which talent communities you are seeking to engage with – i.e. demographics, locations, skillsets, and education. Before commencing any talent pipelining project, we first meet with the client organisation’s key stakeholders to build a profile of the ‘ideal candidate’. Perhaps you’re looking to create pipelines for multiple disciplines which, naturally, would mean the creation of multiple profiles. The talent which we frequently get asked to build pipelines for are typically niche, technically skilled professionals as these people are considered hard-to-find and the company is heavily reliant on them for operational purposes.

It’s often a good starting point to identify a cohort of top-performing talent currently in your organisation and within the disciplines you want to build a pipeline for. Their attributes will be that of your ideal candidate. Make clear which technical or functional abilities they hold which makes them excel in their role. Another consideration should be their behavioural traits as this can form part of a later stage assessment for pipelined candidates.

2. Define the approach

Once you understand the talent markets you’re seeking to explore and engage with, you can begin to consider which approach will work best in building a strong talent pipeline.

How you develop your approach can be split into two segments:

1 | Identification: The more channels you utilise for your approach, the wider your access to the desired talent communities will be. We adopt a multitude of tailored sourcing channels during a talent pipelining project. These include:

  • Company target lists
  • Social media
  • Contact networks
  • Candidate databases
  • Referrals
  • Networking
  • Academic alumni sites

2 | Engagement: Building an awareness of your target talent markets is just one half of the battle. How you subsequently entice this identified cohort into potentially joining your organisation – whether that’s immediately or at some point in the future – is a test of your attraction capability. Constructing a well-considered and engaging narrative about your organisation to ensure the candidate experience is exceedingly positive is key. 

As a global executive search & talent intelligence firm, our clients trust us to act on their behalf. We uphold a highly professional approach which is built around the client organisation’s EVP and employer brand. We ensure that the delivery team is well-versed in all aspects of the client’s company and we develop first-class, client-branded marketing materials to distribute to all identified candidates.

3. Build the pipeline

Now that you’ve developed an approach into your desired talent market and a means to engage them, you can begin qualifying their suitability for their inclusion in the pipeline.

For each talent pipeline project, we work with the client to build a high-level technical assessment which covers the essential skills required in order to perform well in the specific discipline. We then take all potential candidates through this assessment and capture key details to build individual profiles. The data for each candidate we capture includes:

  • Full name
  • Employment details
  • Job title
  • Qualifications
  • Experience
  • Current and expected salary
  • Availability
  • Contact information

Ultimately, you’re left with a wide-scale awareness of your desired talent market and a pipeline to support your hiring activities for the foreseeable future. 

To keep the pipeline both fresh and relevant over the long term, it’s necessary to periodically update it. Members of the pipeline may become unavailable as time goes by. To ensure it maintains longevity and usefulness to the client, we keep the pipeline active over an agreed period of time and continuously supplement it with additional suitable members.

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