Ways Women Lead

Anna Gromadzka leads a series of conversations to share the stories and advice of inspiring female leaders around the world.

Women who inspire women

Having seen the remarkable results of the Diversity & Inclusion initiatives among the organisations we work with, we decided to build on this success and share these inspiring stories to facilitate sharing of best practices and, most importantly, to show how many inspiring female role models are out there.

In this monthly Podcast hosted by Anna Gromadzka, we are reaching out to women who, like us, are passionate about improving diversity and inclusion across organisations, and who are willing to share their own success stories, to motivate and support other women currently in leadership roles or aspiring to achieve the same career paths.

Episode 4 – Shaping the Future: Women in Power and Diversity in Corporate Spaces

with Micha Goebig, the founder and CEO of GO BIG Coaching &Communications, executive coach and strategist

Episode 3 – Revving Up: Tech-Driven Automotive and Evolving Automotive Leadership

with Maria Uvarova, SVP of Software Product Management at Stellantis

Episode 2 – Empathetic Leadership in the Corporate World

with Rachael Haywood, R&D Executive and Consultant.